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Education and awareness

Since its creation, Surfrider Europe firmly believes in education and educational methods to assist economical, social and environmental changes in a meaningful way.

Since its creation, Surfrider Europe firmly believes in education and educational methods to assist economical, social and environmental changes in a meaningful way. So, to take a full part in this responsible and socially sustainable transition, the association has developed innovative educational programs dedicated to sustainable development that have one goal : enable everyone to apprehend the complexity of the current environmental issues to become a full agent of change.


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It is through its volunteers’ network and through its actions that Surfrider Europe targets all audiences. Citizens, elected representatives, employees, students, school pupils, each of us must contribute to the evolution of practices and behaviors. It is within each of us that lies the possibility of collective action. Only the involvement of all will allow us to face the environmental issues we are confronted to.

Art campus

The Art Campus develops projects that place art at the heart of the link between the environment and human beings. It is a real laboratory of innovation in terms of education, constantly seeking for new ways to make awareness fun and sustainable. Throughout the year, exhibitions and artistic residencies offer the viewer a complementary look at our relationship with the environment.

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The Ciné’Ma Plage Festival

The « Ciné’Ma Plage » is a free film screening festival for the ocean protection

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A life without plastic

Disposable plastic is ubiquitous in our lives and it becomes difficult if not impossible to part with it. Surfrider Europe offers you throughout 2021 “Plastic Free Guides” to reduce your consumption of plastic in your daily life. For every situation, there are solutions!

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Ocean friendly restaurants: the eco-friendly charter for restaurant owners

A charter offering restaurants an easy way to show their commitment to making sustainable choices for our Ocean.

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Just 1 Thing, all great change begins with a simple act

We have just one planet, one ocean, and one chance to reverse the trend. With “Just 1 Thing”, Surfrider Europe, in collaboration Willie Beamen, presents the idea that it is up to each one of us to do just 1 thing in favor of the ocean to reduce pollution, preserve marine biodiversity and limit the effects of global warming.

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Surfrider campus

This educational action programme aims to enhance awareness through sensitization actions. This project supports all audiences in the form of workshops, conferences, workshops or missions, whether on Surfrider Europe campus, with partners or on the favourite playground, the coast.

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Ocean’s Zero

Ocean’s Zero is an app to teach you good habits that will help you reduce waste and save the oceans!

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Ocean Initiatives

Ocean Initiatives are clean-up actions on beaches, lakes, rivers and sea beds all over the world. These litter collections are organized by volunteers with the support of Surfrider Foundation Europe.

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Corporate Awareness Activities

Surfrider Foundation wants to put many social actors at the heart of its projects, particularly companies wishing to make their employees more conscious of environmental issues. To this end, Surfrider organises environmental awareness days for companies. This initiative aspires to combine outdoor activities and educational workshops in a friendly atmosphere.

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Ocean Friendly Gardens

Water quality preservation program for coastal drainage basins by a durable management of rainwaters.

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You wish to know more about Surfrider Foundation Europe’s education and awareness-raising activities, check out the documentation online: