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Our missions

For more than 30 years, Surfrider Foundation Europe has been protecting, safeguarding and enhancing the oceans and the entire population that benefits from them. It acts on a daily basis to fight against damage to the coastal environment and its users.


Surfrider Europe works with all social actors (individual citizens and the public and private sectors) on 3 main issues.

Marine litter

8 million tons of waste are thrown into the ocean each year – 80% of which is plastic.

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Coastal Development and Climate Change

Coastal erosion, rising water levels, maritime transport, offshore platforms: the health of our coasts and oceans is permanently under threat.

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Water quality and Health

Waste from agricultural areas, urban areas, even sewage: many sources of pollution threaten the quality of our coastal waters.

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Our levers
of action

Education and awareness

Essential part of Surfrider Europe’s DNA, particularly through volunteer-run local chapters.

Political advocacy

Surfrider Europe plays a significant and active role on the European political stage.

Scientific and legal expertise

Everyday, Surfrider Europe’s experts do all they can to protect coasts and marine ecosystems.

Let’s take
action to
protect the

Climate change and demographic pressure on coastal areas are making the coastal strip more and more fragile every day. Today it is urgent to anticipate the growing impacts on our coastlines.