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Scientific and legal expertise

Through 30 years of fight, Surfrider Foundation Europe has developed expertise in the scientific and legal fields.

Through 30 years of fight, Surfrider Foundation Europe has developed expertise in the scientific and legal fields. The association’s expertise is strengthened particularly through research work and data collection. These skills provide Surfrider Europe with the necessary means to advocate for qualitative and quantitative objectives and ambitions to fight against the numerous issues that are destructing our oceans.

CURL: Analyzing surfers’ exposure to chemical pollution in the ocean

Are surfers endangering their health while practicing their favorite activity? The ocean is polluted by chemicals, but there is currently no study showing their consequences on our body. The CURL project aims to assess swimmers’ and surfers’ level of exposure to chemical pollutants.

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Plastic origins

To reduce marine litter, we have to think beyond beach clean-ups and act directly at the source of the problem. Plastic Origins, a Surfrider Europe program, invites volunteers on a river quest to monitor inland plastic pollution and build local solutions to prevent it from reaching the Ocean.

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Used in many wastewater treatment plants since the early 2000’s, filtrating medias beach in large quantities on the coasts worldwide. After ten years of investigation, Surfrider Europe publicizes the first report on the subject.

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Renewable Ocean Energy

Coastal and marine areas have always been a breeding space for innovation and development. An increasing number of projects, particularly in Renewable Ocean Energy, have recently surfaced in these areas, driven by climate change, the appeal of coastal life and aspirations for “Blue Growth”.

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Chemical pollution

Chemical pollution is generated by the release of chemical products from both industrial and domestic sources and can result from the use of pesticides, detergents or heavy metals. Currently, chemical pollution is still not taken into account in bathing water quality control,yet it poses a major risk to both human and marine life.

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Surfrider Europe has developed laboratory research over the course of many years in the field of bathing water treatment. Thanks to regular analyses carried out locally, researchers have been able to accurately monitor changes in water quality. Today, all of these research results contribute to Surfrider Europe’s goal of making them more accessible to users and standardised across Europe.

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Ostreopsis Ovata

Ostreopsis ovata are microscopic algae that thrive in warm, still, shallow waters on rocky coastlines.

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A scientific approach

All activities are supplemented by extensive scientific research to better understand the problem that Surfrider Europe wants to tackle. It involves analysis and monitoring, both in the field and in the laboratory. Surfrider also follows protocols that allow to evaluate the real dangers and then establish effective and sustainable solutions for the marine environment.

Surfrider Europe has the capacity to provide its expertise on all the topics regarding marine litter, water quality and health as well as coastal development and climate change.

Legal actions

The strong citizen mobilization concerned with the future of our oceans must be heard by the European political institutions. This is why Surfrider Europe is campaigning through an important lobbying work. Surfrider advocates for qualitative and quantitative goals and ambitions to protect our ocean.

The Surfrider Europe team also comprises qualified lawyers.